SHIBA JUNIOR (ShibJr) is a deflationary meme token with 5% holder rewards and 2% charity fee. SHIBA JUNIOR´s mission is to support animals in need with food and other important products.
Trade Crypto, hold & earn Token while doing good things – this is Shiba Junior!
Be part of this project and our great community.

Contract Address:


5% Holder Rewards

Reflections: 5% of all buy and sell transactions sent to holders. This means that your amount of Token increase throught just holding them.

2% Charity Walllet

2% of each transaction goes to our Charity Wallet. We use this Charity Wallet to support animal shelter and animal Chartiy organisations. We proofe the donations to our Community.

2% Marketing (later Burn Wallet)

2% of each Transaction goes to our Marketing (later Burnwallet)
We use this fee for Marketing, Devlopment etc. Later we use this Account for burnig Tokens.

Who is Shiba Junior

After experiencing roaring success in the past 12 months, Shiba Inu wanted to build a family to share his success. So, he had a son and he is only a few days old.
Meet Shiba Junior:
Shiba Junior was born into luxury and wealth. Always highly protected by his family from the wild and unpredictable world outside, he still grew up with the stories from his dad – stories of dedication, hard-work, opportunities and success.
Shiba Junior wanted to experience this by himself. Still young, yet ambitious, he went out to see the world of the other dogs.

Shiba Junior had to experience other dogs unable to afford medical care and even witnessed homeless dogs starving. He became aware of how fortunate he was and wanted to share this.

He founded a charity which provides food and care for dogs in help and for other animals who need it most.​

For the future Shiba Junior planned to collaborate with his dad, so they can build further success together.
Follow & support Shiba Junior on his future way.



Token Symbol


Total Supply
100 Quadrillion


Circulating Supply
44 Quadrillion

56 Quadrillion


How to buy Shiba Junior (Shib Jr)


ShibJr token is available on the Binance Smart Chain.
You can use MetaMask as a third party browser wallet.
Visit metamask.io to download the extension and set up your wallet. Metamask is also aviable on mobile. Get the MetaMask app for iPhone or Android.


Send BNB to your MetaMask Wallet
You have to send BNB to your MetaMask Wallet. You can use (Binance, Coinbase and more Exchanges) to buy BNB and transfer them to your Metamask Wallet.
Send the Token to your Metamask Wallet ID.


Go to Pancakeswap
You can currently swap BNB tokens for ShibJr on Pancakeswap decentralized exchange!
Use 11% Slippage for your transaction.


Import your Shiba Junior Token to your Metamask Wallet
Go to Metamask -> Import tokens -> Fill in Token Adress (0xAb53E67DbB50A7Bcc668aCf9171D3ff2e262D423)

ShibJr Contract: 0xAb53E67DbB50A7Bcc668aCf9171D3ff2e262D423

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Shiba Junior